Expertise To Help You Achieve High Quality Results in Buying & Selling  Real Estate

Jim Kimball has been President of, and Broker for Kimball Associates, Inc. since its formation in 2010. 

Having permanently moved to Fort Bragg in 2016, Mr. Kimball now enjoys a narrower focus, devoting his working hours to personally assisting and guideing selected clients in their quests to achieve outstanding results on their real estate transactions.  Prior to 2017, Jim helped over 300 individuals, corporations and families in the Bay Area buy and sell homes, business properties, corporate assets and investment properties.  In addition to brokering, Jim has appraised, developed, rehabilitated and managed many millions of dollars in commercial real estate assets for his own account and for investment partnerships that he created and managed.

Jim takes pride in assureing that his Clients make sound real estate-related decisions, and that they are well prepared and able to successfully bring their decisions and goals into reality.  

Please explore this website for additional insights and read his client testimonials. You are invited to contact Jim to discuss how he may be able to help you accomplish your real estate objectives.